A designer’s wonderland {I}

For the last twenty years, fonts are a huge part of my life. From the serifs Garamond, Baskerville, Bodini to the sans serifs Gill Sans, Univers, Futura. They have resided on every laptop that I had – way before Google Fonts are a thing.

Last Saturday, there was an open house at Arion Press in San Francisco. Jon said he has never seen me so nerdy. I guess we have never been to a place like this in the four years that we are together?

I had the most irrational urge to buying those brown paper packages of fonts along the corridor. The thought of owning a packet of Baskerville or Gill Sans fonts felt so right.

What blew me away was the ability to see and touch the alphabet at the type foundry at the left end of the corridor. Alphabet and symbols that are usually flat o the screen are now three dimensional, a different world!

Definitely my type of place 🙂

To be continued…



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