A designer’s wonderland {II}

The corridor of brown paper packaged fonts leads to the bookbinding department – on the right – which we missed the first time.

We met the chirpy bookbinder, Megan, who is excited with her job. She folds, punches, sews and binds about twenty-five books a week which explain why Arion Press takes on two to three titles a year.

It is quite crazy to think about the number of pages printed by the Heidelberg machine and having the rest of the work completed by one single human.

Amazing to know that a little printing press exists in San Francisco and fifteen minutes walk away from home. All the hard work put into making books is admirable.

It took me two weeks to cut, fold, punch, sew and bind two physical books and two weeks for a commercial printer to produce 300 copies. Could I have gotten our books made differently? I cannot imagine the cost and time involved.


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