a little {booster} dose of Hanyu Pinyin

Hanyu Pinyin (汉语拼音) is the official romanization system for Standard Chinese. Tones aside, there are two parts to each character – Sound (声母) and Rhythm (韵母), also known as the Initial and Final to English speakers. Although these combinations are made up of Latin alphabets, they do not always sound like the English pronunciations that we are accustomed to.

Work-in-progress charts:

“a” Finals: a / ai / an / ang / ao
“o” Finals: o / ong / ou
“e” Finals: e / ei / en / eng / er
“i” Finals (Part1): i / ia / ian / iang / iao
“i” Finals (Part2): ie / in / ing / iong / iu

Coming soon:

“u” Finals
“ü” Finals