[你] You

Bet 你 already know: Hello 你好 <You good>Miss you 想你 <Think of you> Love you 爱你You are my world 你是我的全世界… Side … More

[读] Read

Read / study 读 Read 阅读 <Peruse read> – visuallyRead 朗读 <Recite read> – verballyPronunciation 读音 <Reading sound> or  读法 <Reading method> As … More

[懂] Understand

Understand 懂 Don’t understand / Don’t get it 不懂 <No understand>Don’t understand (what one sees) 看不懂 <Look no understand>Don’t understand (what … More

[华] Chinese

Chinese 华人* <Chinese person>Mandarin 华语 <Chinese spoken language> Chinese language 华文 <Chinese literary>Chinese character(s) 华文字 <Chinese literary word(s)> *Not to be confused with 中国人 <China … More

[文] Literary

Each and every Chinese character has an invisible frame and is monosyllabic with individual or multiple meanings. Very often, characters … More